Copenhagen Business Center
2, K°bmagergade
DK-1150 Copenhagen K
Tel.: +45 3337 8800
Fax: +45 3337 9820

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We are Copenhagen Business Center, a full service business center in the capital of Denmark, specializing in handling international clients.

You can have a fully operational, staffed Copenhagen Branch Office today and get established within the European Union without investing a lot of time and money.

We offer a full range of business center services and provide a lower-cost, quicker-to-implement alternative than setting up your own facility.  We are already in place in Copenhagen and know the ins and outs of Europe, the cultures, languages and laws.  We have a strong local network of professional tax, legal and business advisors that could be yours, too.  Contracting with Copenhagen Business Center could establish an excellent beachhead for your business in the European Union market at very reasonable cost.  Or simply boost your European e-business.

Located in the very center of Copenhagen with spectacular views of the city, Copenhagen Business Center offers you a top prestigious corporate presence.

Using the services of Copenhagen Business Center is the easy, affordable, and professional way to establish your corporate presence in the capital of Denmark.

When you're next in Copenhagen, we invite you to visit our offices, introduce your business, and establish personal contact.  We will be happy to elaborate on all aspects of our services - and on what we can do for your business in particular.

Call/e-mail/fax us to get more information, to set up the services, or to arrange a meeting.  Or just click the CONTACT button below, to get in touch.


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