Copenhagen is the capital of the Kingdom of Denmark, a member of the European Union, and located in the middle of Scandinavia.  As such it is the ideal location for setting up business in the region.  Copenhagen is also the right location for businesses wishing to extend their business into the Baltic area.

infrastructure of Denmark is highly developed, and one of the latest improvements is the completion of the Øresund bridge between Copenhagen and Malmö.  This has established a full integration of the region as well as easy access to the southern part of Sweden, which has the highest concentration of businesses in Sweden.

Copenhagen has become known as a leading city within bioscience and is the home of "Medicon Valley", an area in which more than 100 different biotech companies have already set up business.

Denmark is also one of the prime locations for
e-business, IT-development companies, and other service-focused businesses to set up successfully.

The main factors contributing to this position are the highly qualified Danish labor force, the
flexibility and foreign language ability of the labor force, easy access to the European internal market, advantageous regulations for foreigners, and low office rental rates.

Most companies set up their business through a
branch registered with the Commerce and Companies Agency or through a subsidiary in the form of either an A/S or an ApS, which are both types of limited liability companies.  Share transfers, corporate restructurings, changes in management, record keeping, corporate articles and bylaws, and various other corporate housekeeping matters, are straightforward.

Since 1999 Denmark has offered a very attractive
holding company regime.  The Danish holding taxation rules make Denmark a very advantageous country in which to establish a holding company.  Profits received from a subsidiary, or paid to a parent company, will normally be exempt from tax, and since Denmark is a country with "a normal domestic taxation regime", a holding vehicle set up in Denmark will normally be considered more acceptable to most foreign tax authorities than certain more exotic "offshore tax havens".  This makes Denmark a unique country with regard to international corporate tax planning.  Dividends distributed to a parent company in the US will generally be exempt from withholding taxation.  Denmark has income tax treaties with approximately 58 countries outside the EU including the USA.

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