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At Copenhagen Business Center our focus is customer service.

We focus on the small issues that make a difference in handling everyday business, with a clear understanding that personal attention and care are the key factors in rendering great service.

Our aim is to be the best service provider in Scandinavia, and to be the easiest accessible and best performing business partner within our field of expertise.

We give your business all the advantages of having a dedicated and professional Copenhagen organization at your disposal - but not on your payroll.

Our business is fully based on repeat business with satisfied clients, who genuinely benefit from our services.  We will be proud to play our role in building your business in Europe and become an important link in your value-network.

If at any point in time you need my personal assistance or would like to clarify any issue with me, just let me know.  You can always reach me directly on my personal e-mail - - I'll be happy to assist you.

Welcome to Copenhagen Business Center!

Copenhagen Business Center

Troels Christensen
Managing Director

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