Below you will find a brief description of our services.  If there is a service that you need, but can't see on our list, please let us know - we will be happy to tailor our services to your individual requirements.


We offer combined service plans:

Basic Presence Plan:
Copenhagen prestige address, mail handling, individual line telephone answering (live receptionist), fax service.

Full Presence Plan:
Copenhagen prestige address, mail handling, individual line telephone answering (live receptionist), worldwide switchboard, fax service.

Advanced Presence Plan:
Copenhagen prestige address, mail handling, individual line telephone answering (live receptionist), worldwide switchboard, CopenhagenAssistantTM, fax service.

If you wish us to help you incorporate in Denmark, just let us know, and we will give you the details.

In Copenhagen without investing a lot of time and money !

We provide your Copenhagen corporate address at our prestige Copenhagen location.  We receive your mail, and handle it as per your instructions.  If an unannounced visitor should call at the office, he/she will be received politely and professionally by the receptionist.  If you have a CopenhagenAssistantTM (see below) he/she will be happy to attend to your visitor without prior appointment.

Your Tele Secretary in Copenhagen !

We provide your individual Copenhagen telephone line with its own, individual number.  Your call is always routed to your designated TeleSecretaryTM who knows you and your business, and answers professionally with your company name or as instructed.  Messages are received and relayed as per your instructions.

Your dedicated Copenhagen Telephone Number !

Your Worldwide Switchboard!  We provide your dedicated line and number.  Your call is always routed to your designated TeleReceptionistTM who knows you and your business, and will answer with your company name and screen each incoming call.  She will take messages or redirect, announce and connect the call to any phone anywhere in the world - via direct phone connections or via our integrated VoIP gateway (via the Internet).  Our business hours are Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm Central European time.  Messages taken are passed on to you by phone, e-mail, fax, web-box or mail as you prefer.  Our focus is on customer service and our environment is friendly, professional and international.  And your callers will sense that the office is actively manned by your professional, local staff.

Your Assistant in Copenhagen !

We even provide your personal CopenhagenAssistantTM - a highly qualified and trained management assistant who works for you on a shared resource basis.  Your CopenhagenAssistantTM is always available at the office to handle special assignments and take calls that require extended knowledge about your company's structure, products, order taking, etc.  You get a dedicated and knowledgeable local assistant at your service, but not on your payroll - the ideal and cost-effective step prior to hiring your full time Copenhagen staff.

Your Copenhagen Fax Number !

We provide your Copenhagen fax number.  We receive, send, and forward messages as instructed.  If you want to handle larger fax volumes, our fax servers are at your disposal.

Copenhagen E-mail account !

We provide your individual e-mail account at our domain or elsewhere.  We check for e-mails every minute and receive, send, and forward messages and web-responses as per your instructions.  Your e-mail address is always actively monitored.

Have your meetings in our professional conference room !

Our professional conference room is available to you whenever you want to meet face-to-face in Copenhagen in prestigious surroundings.  We receive your guests in a polite and professional manner, and we are happy to arrange for coffee/tea/soft drinks or a light meal at the premises.

Your office in Copenhagen !

On a limited scale and as available, we can provide office space in a combined corporate service package, including the use of reception, switchboard, secretaries, conference room and our other individual services.  High speed, broadband Internet access is available in all our offices.  You can concentrate on generating revenue from day one.  The focus is on flexibility and potential for growth, with local support and knowledge at your immediate disposal.

Top prestigious corporate presence !

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